How To Write an Essay (Body)This article by best essay writing service reddit will teach you how to construct the body of your essay.

An essay is divided into three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. While all three components of an essay are of equal importance, the body is the longest and most detailed.

Sample essay question:

‘How has learning Jujitsu improved your life?

Essays are about demonstrating your viewpoint by arguing for and/or against the topic while providing various examples to justify and back up your statements.

To start with you will need to come up with all of the points to argue your view in point form:

For example:

Health (Physiological) benefits:

  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Agility

Social benefits:

  • Making new friends
  • Getting out more
  • Improved social calendar and wider circle of friends

Psychological benefits:

  • Boosted self esteem
  • Improved body image
  • Greater sense of confidence and self satisfaction at personal achievements

Now that you have got your points of argument prepared, each dot point becomes a paragraph in your essay.

Discuss the first dot point of the health (physiological) benefits of learning jujitsu. Make sure you expand on this dot point in detail by providing reasons to justify and support your argument.

Topic Sentences

A topic sentence is the first sentence of each paragraph of an essay which introduces the reader to the subject of that specific paragraph.

For example, the topic sentence of the first dot point could be:

‘Learning jujitsu has improved my physical health and well being considerably through increasing my fitness levels, flexibility and agility.

Sample First Paragraph

How To Write an Essay

‘Learning jujitsu has improved my physical health and well being considerably through increasing my fitness levels, flexibility and agility. Before I began learning the martial art, I suffered from low energy levels, and did not feel that my fitness was up to the standard that it should be for my age and physical capabilities. Since having started practising jujitsu and training on a regular basis of several times per week, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels, as well as an incredible improvement in my level of fitness. Furthermore, the flexibility and agility which I lacked notably before having taken up jujitsu, has enhanced remarkably since I commenced training in the martial art. It is unquestionable that both my general physical health and well being has improved drastically through learning jujitsu.’

Final Statement of Conviction

The underlines sentence at the conclusion of the sample first paragraph above is what I will term the ‘final statement of conviction’. This statement needs to go and the end of each and every paragraph in the body of your essay and must remind the audience in a final summary statement as to what you have argued in your paragraph and clarify in simple and concise words exactly what you have successfully proven and justified.

See how you go with demonstrating and justifying each of the remaining dot points by creating a paragraph for each argument.

  • Ensure that you use a topic sentence to introduce each paragraph, and a final statement of conviction for the conclusion of each paragraph.

In my next article you will learn how to open and close the essay by writing the introduction and the conclusion to the essay.